One Two One Two One Two One Two One Two Over and Over

Keep it together. Don’t freak out. You’re an adult, right? You’re a strong woman who knows that her independence is her greatest strength. So, don’t freak out. Stop trying to change people. Stop trying to control situations that you will never actually have a good hold on.

Stop attempting to depend on someone who does not want to take care of you. You don’t need to depend on anyone, so why do you try to? That’s not how your brain was built, baby. It’s not wrong to want people around. It’s not wrong to care for someone. It’s not wrong for you to want them around. However, when you start making your emotions their responsibility, when you begin let their emotions control your world…that’s a problem. You know that already. I’m just here to remind you.

I’ve missed you a little. I mean, you’ve made some really positive changes, but I miss you. I miss your creativity. I miss your spark. I miss your anxiety, and your fear. Seems strange, I know. But you got lost. You’re still lost. You’ve gotten lost in a person. You’ve gotten lost in your work. You’ve gotten lost. But I’m calling you back now. It’s time to come home. It may take you a little while, but it’s time to find your path again, find your path and come home now, Love.


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