There is wind. There is thunder. There is rain.

There are loud and peaceful noises that join to sing a song. Some people listen and are soothed. Others listen and are gripped with fear.

What does nature say to you? Does it scare you? Why do you hear the song of a thunderstorm play such terrifying chords? Tell me your fears. Let me live them. In return, I will tell you the song that I hear. I will tell what is whispered to me in the silence and the noise.

So many stories are told, with no words audibly spoken. Nights of vivid noisy silence are the nights in which you can find peace, or total misery.

Clear your mind. Focus on the song that is being sung, and then tell me what you hear.

Some people thrive in the morning sun, and others work best in the moonlight. My time is the night. My brain was built for stars and moon and windy evenings. Most days I envy the morning people; until night falls, that is. Then I am reminded of the magnificence of those hours.

I want you to tell me a story. I want you to tell me what you think about morning and night. What do you think about thunderstorms? Tornadoes,  hurricanes, earthquakes. Tell me what goes through your head when you are in the midst of one of these. I am obviously in the mood to listen. I want to understand the way other people feel things.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me. If you don’t feel like leaving a comment on this post, facebook, or instagram…then you should email me at mj_duncan1@yahoo.com    I’ve got a story rolling around in my head, but I desperately need your feelings on these things before I can start to write it. I cannot go forward with only my thoughts and emotions to go off of, not this time anyway.


5 thoughts on “Eight

  1. When I was a kid any kind of storm would scare me. I was sure the rain was going to wash the house away. I thought thunder was the sound of the sky falling, and lighting was aiming right at me.

    Now, I enjoy rain, thunder, and lighting. I enjoy rain because I feel that it makes people slow down and relax. Lighting is my favorite, when I’m indoors of course. I love how one bolt of lighting can bring a brief moment of light back to the day that has long since passed.

    I’m interested in hearing where you plan on going with your story. I’m also beginning to pen an eBook, but I’m caught between a few subjects.

    Best of luck to you. Let me know how things are progressing.

  2. I’m sure your head is muddled with ideas, but perhaps I can help if given a basic premise of the story. I have some time to spare tonite, and a brainstorming session sounds fantastic. It’s your story, and your time, so do what you’d like. Just know I’ll be around for a while if you need to bounce ideas off of anyone. Good luck!

    • I’d love that! I’m working at the moment, but I’ll probably sit down at some point this week to map it out much better. A brainstorming session is much needed.

      • Awesome. Maybe we can both get on the right track. I’m currently looking into publishing through Amazon. It seems like the easiest way for a rookie to get their name out there.

        I look forward to working with you.

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