There are days that are difficult. There are weeks that are hard. There are new challenges presented daily, to keep our minds fresh and mold us into the humans we were meant to be. We can let life happen to us, or we can motivate ourselves to be active in every day of our existence.

I know I’ve just typed some very cliche words. I know. I never claimed to have deep original thought. I just have been struggling with some issues lately and I have to remind myself everyday that I shouldn’t just let life happen to me. I cannot sit around and complain, or worse yet crawl in a corner and cry because life has happened to me. While those are things I’d like to do, I know that’s not my purpose or calling. I have been given these challenges, and I must face them with courage that comes only through my relationship with Christ. That’s difficult to say because I know I haven’t been working on that relationship as I should be. I’ve let it fall between the cracks. Perhaps that’s why I’m getting a wake up call. I heavy, hurtful jolt – “GET UP, MELISSA, YOU ARE BECOMING COMPLACENT AND UNGRATEFUL….GET UP!”. Why can’t I ever catch on to these things before they get painful? Will I always be bumping into the corners of life’s table? It’s clumsy and idiotic and I’m hereby chastising myself publicly.

There are so many more people dealing with much more terrible things. I have been blessed and I take it for granted, daily. Next time someone catches me being “in the depths of despair” you have every right to smack me.



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