I haven’t blogged in a quick second. I know you’ve noticed and it’s made you sad. (I know that’s not true, but play along for the sake of this explanation).

I’ve started this new, shiny, pretty, scary, honest, untrue, utterly confusing blog because the one that I used to keep updated was one that I had during college. There is nothing wrong with it (there is plenty wrong with it), I just felt that it was time to kick this rock in a different direction. That chapter of my book has closed, and I no longer get to complain about professors, papers, grades, and whatever else accompanies that horribly wonderful thing we call ‘University’.

So, welcome. I don’t know what I’ll post or how often. I do hope that I’ll have at least one post a week, if not more. My brain needs the exercise, the poor dear has gotten so lazy that I sometimes think she’ll never be the same. Here’s to me trying to get her on the treadmill.

Perhaps I’ll have a real post tomorrow. If you have trouble following my train of thought, you would not be the first. Don’t be worried by it, just come along and we’ll have fun.


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